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SumoBot Upgrades:

4-Motor Driving SumoBot

This model fits at the rear of the Simple SumoBot, and uses a touch sensor to enable the robot to detect opponents attacking from that direction. 

The program incorporates the touch sensor into the series of if-then statements that use the other sensors during battle. When the reach touch sensor is activated, the robot makes a hard left to escape the opponent and hopefully flank them.

4-Motor Driving SumoBot.jpg

Connecting Wires on the 4-Motor SumoBot

This video explains how to connect the wires on the 4-Motor SumoBot.

Motors: A - Medium front left, B - Large rear left, C - Large rear right, D - Medium front right

Sensors: 1 - Right color sensor, 2 - Ultrasonic sensor, 4 - Left color sensor.

Program the 4-Motor SumoBot to drive Left/Right/Forward/Backwards

This video uses the EV3 Classroom App to create myblocks that allow the 4-motor SumoBot to move properly. The nature of the motor placement requires that they are moved in various patterns in order to get the desired movement.

Incorporate the 4-Motor SumoBot Myblocks into the Battle Program

This video uses the EV3 Classroom App Simple SumoBot Battle program to control the robot. It switches out the motor control blocks with the 4-motor SumoBot myblocks.

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