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Step 1: Build the Simple SumoBot

Newcomer front.HEIC

Use these instructional videos to help you build a Simple SumoBot.

What You Need

This video describes the Lego you will need to build a Simple SumoBot. 


Building Instructions

This video describes how to follow the instructions for building a Simple SumoBot. 

CLICK TO OPEN: Building Instructions

Connecting Wires

Once you have finished building the Simple SumoBot, watch this video to see how to connect the EV3 brick to the motors and sensors 

Building the Simple SumoBot With Different Pieces

If you have NXT motors, or larger wheels (Black Tire 68.8 x 36 ZR - 44771) you can still build this robot:

Simple SumoBot with NXT Motors.jpg
Simple SumoBot - Large Wheels.jpg
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