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Step 3: Select a Remote Control System

You have two choices:

  1. Tablet/Smartphone: The LEGO MINDSTORMS Commander software is easy to install, but it is not user friendly. It is challenging to control the robot and it is not uncommon for the bluetooth connection to cease in the middle of a battle. Use this method only if you have no other option.

  2. Playstation Remote: This remote grants the user excellent control of all parts of the SumoBot. You can also customize the programming code to allow for control of additional components. You will need to purchase additional hardware AND use a Mac or PC AND use the OLDER LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 software to upload the program. Use this method if you can.

Use these instructional videos to enable you to use a device to remotely control your Simple SumoBot. 

Tablet Remote Screen.jpeg

Hardware required:

  • Apple iPad or iPhone.

  • Android tablet or smartphone.

Software required:


Hardware required:

Software required:

Dow​nload the following files:

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