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SumoBot Upgrades:

Simple SumoBot - Two Eyes

This model changes to the Simple SumoBot so that it has two ultrasonic sensors on either side of the robot INSTEAD of one ultrasonic sensor in the center of the robot. This will enable the robot to turn towards the opponent and charge only when BOTH sensors can detect the opponent.

The program uses a myblock, which extracts ultrasonic sensor readings and uses them to determine which direction the SumoBot should move. 

Simple SumoBot - Two Eyes.jpg

Incorporate the Two Eyes Program into the Battle Program

This video uses the EV3 Classroom App Simple SumoBot Battle program to control the robot. It teaches you how to create a  Two Eyes MyBlock and then incorporate this MyBlock into the main code so that the SumoBot moves towards an opponent if either ultrasonic sensor detects it.

MORE COMPLEX Incorporation of the Two Eyes Myblock into the Battle Program

This video explains how to execute more complex mathematical calculations of the ultrasonic sensor data. These calculations will be used to instruct the robot to move along a spectrum from left to right, rather than just hard left/right.

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