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SumoBot Upgrades:

Simple SumoBot - Double Hook

This model fits on the top of the Simple SumoBot, and uses two large motors to spin hooks on either side of the robot. Gears are used at a ratio of 3:1 to provide extra torque to the swinging hooks. 

The EV3 brick can sometimes have issues powering 4 large motors at once, so the program alternates the motion of each motor to prevent overload issues.

Simple SumoBot - Double Hook.jpg

Program the Double Hooks to Spin During Battle 

This video upgrades the EV3 Classroom App Simple SumoBot Battle program to move the double hooks throughout the battle. It alternates the rotation of the left and right hooks to prevent overload issues, which can happen when the EV3 brick is programed to run 4 large motors at once.

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