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SumoBot Upgrades:

Simple SumoBot - Rear Touch Sensor

This model fits at the rear of the Simple SumoBot, and uses a touch sensor to enable the robot to detect opponents attacking from that direction. The touch sensor should be plugged into Port 3 of the EV3 Brick.

The program incorporates the touch sensor into the series of if-then statements that use the other sensors during battle. When the reach touch sensor is activated, the robot makes a hard left to escape the opponent and hopefully flank them.

Simple Sumo Bot - Rear Touch Sensor.jpg

Program the Touch Sensor Reaction During Battle 

Plug the touch sensor into Port 3 of the EV3 brick

This video upgrades the EV3 Classroom App Simple SumoBot Battle program to move the robot when the rear touch sensor is activated. The robot will make a hard left and attempt to escape and potentially flank their opponent. 

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